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The Perfect Photo Booth Rental for your next event.

Make Your Corporate Event, Trade Show Booth or Brand Activation for your Company or Client an Astounding Success! Also Great for Experiential Marketing. Super fun Animated Gif , Boomerang and Burst mode with live sharing.

Whether your the Agency or the Client you can have full control of Analytics tracking and Data capture with Alexa. Our lightweight travel safe social media photo booth rental makes for a great solution for all your corporate events. We can do the full Set-up and breakdown (Less than 10mins) or ship to your location!

World's Most Advanced Booth

1.9 billion photos are uploaded to the internet each day. These are your customers taking and sharing photos. Enter, Alexa Corporate Photo booth rental AKA Alexa Selfie Station rental. our enterprise photo booth platform that lets your customers take awesome photos while you control the medium with an exciting branded experience.


Analytics & Reporting


Social Sharing

Instant Sharing

Photo Gallery

​SMS Delivery

​Email Delivery

Animated GIF, Boomerang & Burst

Data Capture

Lead Generation

5 min set-up time

Offering Worldwide Selfie Photo Booth Rental Service

Some of our Favorites

Chicago, Illinois

New York City, New York

Los Angelas L.A.

Vancouver, Canada

London, England

Washington, D.C.

Seattle, Washington

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Boston, Massachusetts

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Miami, Florida

Salt Lake City, Utah

Austin, Texas

Nashville, Tennessee

Charlotte, North Carolina

Dallas, Texas

San Francisco, California

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Denver, Colorado

Houston, Texas



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