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Make Your Corporate Physical or Virtual Event, Trade Show Booth or Brand Activation for your Company or Client an Astounding Success! Also Great for Experiential Marketing.  Our animated Selfie Photo booth kiosk offers Gif , Boomerang and Burst mode with live sharing to text or email. All services include a beauty glam filter & ring light to make guests look their best!. Black and White Photo booth (b&w) mode available by request. We also offer Video Photo Booth Mode as an upgrade option.

New Virtual Booth Service

*Last Minute Date Changes Allowed!

Update NOV 2020

*We now allow a date change option. We know things have changed for all of us!  Just give us as little as 24 hour notice.

All Quotes Includes Dual Mode

Touch and Touch-less for Covid Safe Events


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A Photo Experience with Face Tracking   Advanced AI

 Alexa Selfie Booth Service is a unique photo experience using the latest in Facial recognition. Wether its for our precise face tracking digital props to counting people that appear in a photo and even guessing their age and sex. Really know how and who engaged at your activation. After your event we will provide you a comprehensive web portal with all the sharing stats and data capture. This is why we are the top rental chioce for for Road Shows, Expo's, Promotional, CaseStudies, Lobbies, Retail Store locations, Brand Activations and Lead Generation. We can ship or fly out a Tech and offer Full White Glove Service worldwide in addition 24/7 Chicago hand drop off and set-up available year round from our hub office .

Why Us?

Whether you're the Agency or the Client you can have full control of your photo station Analytics tracking and Data capture. We offer Custom branded web gallery and station wrap to make our booth look likes is yours. Our lightweight travel safe station is ready to go in only 5 minutes and has a 5g data connection for live sharing (Never rely on a local WI-FI). Decide what works for you, We can do the full Set-up and breakdown (Less than 5mins) or ship to your location and your team can easily do it! 

New Beauty Filter included!

All services include a beauty glam filter to hide imperfections.

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Are you a Venue, Local Business or Exhibitor?

Get more eyes on your brand by using our advanced social sharing capabilities and utilize your guest's live post to promote your brand with all their friends. What better advertising than live "word of mouth" social advertising. You don't need to purchase a local Print, Televison or Radio ad to drive more business your way. Your guest's sharing with to people who trust them can greatly improve your potential outreach. This is also why Venues and Local businesses love our Longterm rental option to include Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, Museums,  Pop-up business,  HQ Lobbies and Multi-city Road tours.

New 2020 Feature: 

No more sharing dirty props!

Our booth has advance A.I features such as Virtual Digital face tracking props with live preview that you can see while picture is being taken! perfect for Covid Safety.

 New Touch Free Picture Taking

Guests can now use a hand wave or QR code to activate the camera and a cool QR code will pop up which they can scan using their own cell phone for a fully Touch-less and safe photo booth experience 

Corporate Client Features

  • Data Capture

  • Guest Surveys with Custom Questions

  • Competition Game with Prize

  • Full Tracking Analytics

  • Auto Hashtag with Social Sharing

  • Booth Branding

  • Overlay Branding

  • Gallery Branding


  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Branding

  • Social Sharing

  • Live view Greenscreen

  • Photo Gallery

  • SMS Delivery

  • Email Delivery

  • Animated GIF, Boomerang & Burst

  • Data Capture

  • Lead Generation

  • Face Tracking Digital Props

  • Video Mode Upgrade


Full Data Analytics and Tracking

Full Social Media Sharing

Photo Booth Rental

Alexa Selfie Booth Rental creates state of the art Photo, GIF, and
Video experiences by combining social media and
experimental technology with ring light photo booth photography. A fun and easy self serve touch screen photo kiosk with a Ipad or Tablet feel the guests love.

Our Photo booth pricing is the Best in Chicago. Cheap photo booth pricing doesn't mean you will lose any features!

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