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* Final terms and additional fees will be on your final quote after your fill out the "Lock In Booking Form" and provide venue address. 


Only ASSURANCE POLICY Offer that was added as a line item on the Invoice with approved events and are later cancelled due to a "stay home" mandate by the City of Chicago can request a booking date change if available and must notify us no later than 24 hours before event start time. Client must email us with subject line "Tomorrow's event canceled" 

For all events nearby power is required (10 ft), Must have roll in accessibility or elevator, for outdoor events customer must have safe dry and shaded location (Booth can overheat under direct sunlight), No free backdrop included for outdoor events (regardless of quote sent) or if not mentioned on quote, For included Wireless data internet, if on invoice (Live sharing) we cannot guarantee service will work in all areas, customer responsible to have their own Wi-Fi connection as a backup, no refunds will be issued for lack of internet service seeing as we have no control over the reliability of any cellular data providers, Roaming charges and overage usage will be charged after event based on At&t current rates.


Initial web link quote does not include additional fees that may be added after you fill out your "Lock in booking" form as your location might require special set-up and travel fees, Please wait to receive a final quote with your actual event location added and additional fees before paying any "Hold Fee", All fees are nonrefundable, which includes but not limited to hold fees, special location fees, travel fees, mandatory location parking fees and boat dock fees. 

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