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  • Can you make my guests anything with AI Face Swap using your photobooth?
    Absolutely! We offer the absolute latest and greatest in AI technology, we can provide some of our default experiences, or if you have any photo with a certain artistic style, we can add it to our booth very easily. Your guest will then be altered to the style you like. Remember, the experience is for one person at a time :) LEARN MORE
  • Do I receive all the photos from the event?
    Absolutely, you and the client can receive a link to a gallery where you can download and save all the photos permanently. Guests can also share directly by entering an SMS or Email during the event using our live-sharing connection.
  • Can I brand the photos with a Logo or Banner (Watermark)
    Of course, the exact Termanology is called an Overlay, also might be referred to as a watermark. This will basically be placed in the infront of all images to promote or brand the event or sponsor. It can be a full frame, bottom banner or just a simple logo in one of the corners. Be sure to request a "Digital Overlay" when you click "lock in booking" button under your quote. Also we include a digital overlay on a full day or Multi-day quote for free, otherwise is a flat rate price on $49
  • What is a green screen?
    A green screen is a cloth backdrop (green in color), and we can digitally remove the green and replace it with any digital image, such as a cityscape or step and repeat wall.
  • What is a booth wrap?
    A booth wrap is a sign that attaches to the back of the photo booth; in the example photo below, it's for a boutique hotel. It can be any logo or illustration, and because the sign has a Velcro backing, its removable and can be used for your future events. After your booking, we will save the sign for your future event. Be sure to request a "Booth Wrap Option" when you click "lock in booking" button under your quote. You can get the back wrap for free if you book a multi-day event of more than 3 days. Otherwise, it's a flat rate of $199
  • What data analytics will I receive after my event?
    If you purchase the data analytics package the morning after your event, we will send you a custom client web portal link that you can share with your team or client. It will show all captured data (Phone, email), How they shared (Text, Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), Social sharing graph impressions, How many faces were captured, and their age (very accurate with a graph) counts how many male or female took a photo (with a graph). A full timeline graph on when people were taking photos during the event with a graph). You will also get an excel .cvs download and can see which email or phone number with a link to a particular photo. This is great if you have never met your client but know their email or phone number. You now will be able to view the photo they took as well as how much fun they had based on the photo. You will also see a download button to save all images taken to your drive. Impressive right! We offer the best analytics in the business. Some key features to present to your team 1) Face Counter (Every face that appears in photos) Includes groups 2) Male or Female Counter (How they present themselves) 3) Age Guessing (Very Accurate) gauge your audience 4) How they shared (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 5) Social Media Impressions (guesses how many people seen) 6) How many times was the photo opened from the gallery 7) Timeline graph (Guest participation over time) 8) Email & Phone Capture (Only if you want)
  • How quick is set-up?
    Less than 5 minutes with cordless battery set-up or 20 mins if plugged into wall power; we designed it to be super easy to use and self-serve, so no hostess is needed. If you decide you need a green screen, the set-up is roughly 30 to 40 minutes. We always arrive and finish set-up before your paid start time.
  • What are the power requirements?
    We offer two set-ups; for single-day events, we offer a cool battery station, so no wall power is needed. (Battery station options upto 5 hours runtime) For multi-day events, a standard power cord to the wall outlet is all thats required. If this is a special venue set-up or at an expo center, just make sure you request a nearby power run within 7 feet from the Booth base location. Please refer to your quote to see whats included.
  • I don't want my guests sharing props for safety. Do you have a solution?
    Absolutely! Our booth has advanced AI feature such as Virtual Digital Face Tracking Props with a live preview that you can see while the picture is being taken! Also, it makes for a sleek setup. No extra table is needed.
  • How much does it weight?
    We have the lighest selfie station in the country. Only 25 lbs, so if you request the cordless battery option, you can easily move it around during the event.
  • Where should I place it?
    We specifically designed our selfie station to be placed anywhere. Most of our clients place it, so it faces the main floor or heavy foot traffic areas to maximize their guest's participation. No need to have a backdrop or set it up facing a wall or in a corner. For single-day events, ask about our battery station so you don't need messy cords going to wall power.
  • Whats the required area needed for the set-up (Foot Print)?
    The physical base dimensions are only 2' x 2', which means it literally takes up the space of one person standing; this is where we really shine! We include cute and fun digital face-tracking props, so we don't need any table space; super clean and sleek is our style. Think outside of the box on placement! You don't have to place this in the corner or facing a wall like others, you can literally place it in the center of a room or near a column, and the cool ring light will draw them in.
  • Whats the load in requirements?
    We can enter through your main lobby or standard entrance. We only have one standard-size medium roller case and are able to enter even the strictest of High Rise requirements.
  • Does it have is own internet connection?
    Yes! our Selfie Stations include the fastest LTE 5g available. So your guests will enjoy live sharing on all social media sites.
  • I didnt see a feature that someone else offers?
    We have been in this industry since the beginning and offer every feature of competitors. We don't mention every feature as it might be over whelming to browse. Please email or call if you think we cant offer what someone else promised you. We can!
  • What's the guest experience like?
    Customer Experience: Step 1: They Select a Picture mode: Single, GIF or Boomerang or (Video Mode Available) (Guest will see a Live view with count down) Step 2: They can share by SMS Text or Email Step 3: They Receive (Can customize the message they receive) Step 4: They click an icon under their photo to share direct (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) Hashtag is auto-added. We Can Customize the Photo Station Branding: A) We can add a custom overlay with your branding. B) We can customize the top and bottom banners to have links to any site you want to drive traffic (this can be your social media, website, product page, or even a "donate now" or "buy now" button) C) We can provide an auto hashtag for sharing on Twitter or Facebook D) We can add any extras, such as a disclaimer before they take a photo (Tell us what you need, and we can do it!) E) You receive Full data analytics after the event, including a Download link of all photos, a Photo counter, How they are shared (Facebook, Sms, Email, Twitter, or Instagram), A full tally of the Face counter (How many people appeared in all photos), Age Guessing: with graph bar and age brackets, Their Sex: Male or Female (With bar graph and count) Extra Paid Feature: For $199, we can add a custom back wrap sign to the selfie booth with any image or logo. This helps make the selfie booth looks like it is yours. The best part is the sign is reusable.
  • I have a multi-city event and would like to travel with it when I fly, how well does it travel?"
    We offer the lightest total weight, and its not "OVERSIZED" (only 46 LBS). Make sure you ask your other quote how much it weights and dimensions (airlines charge up to $150 for over weight and oversized bags). Your rental includes a sleek hard-sided roller case. Our case size is only 26x23x8 and is not classified as oversized.
  • I need a fully customized selfie booth can you help?
    Yes, we can help customize the user interface, logos, digital overlays, custom digital props with your logo or specific theme prop, green screen, custom added auto hashtags, custom user messages, photo gallery with links to anywhere you want (Your site, your products, social media sites, buy now button..etc.) we can also make the outside of the selfie booth look like it's yours! Just request what you need, and we will let you know your options. We can create or work with your graphic designer/team. After you book us, you will receive an automated email with basic customize settings and a design template download for your graphic designer if need be.
  • What is a Hybrid Event?
    A hybrid event consists of having in-person guests at a location as well as offering an online virtual experience. We now offer both so you can have an in-person photo booth as well as our virtual online for both to engage with all the other customers or guests online.
  • I receive a quote and want to move forward, how do I proceed?"
    Great, on the bottom of your quote, there is a "Pay Now" button. Simply check it to lock in your event with us.
  • What is a 360 photo booth?
    A 360 photo booth is a video camera combined with a rotating arm that spins around a person or persons that will create a dramatic high production value effect. Also known as a 360 video booth. Also it's important to make sure that they mention it's "motorized", there are a lot of half rate 360 companies that will have the hostess push it manually. The movement never looks good and also has a very low production look and feel. Our Alexa 360 booth is a 2023 model, 30 minutes set-up, has the highest weight capacity in the country (1200lbs) offers cordless battery power so no wall outlet is needed, super wide angle 4k camera and most importantly we have the only A.I background change and freeze fame. (See video)
  • How much is a 360 photo booth rental?
    There are 3 major categories, High budget corporate clients that need Data analytics and custom branding. Second is Private events with over 50 guests and super low budget events such as very small birthday parties, please all read below to fully understand pricing. The first and more important question is how many people you want to stand on the platform? Our platform weight capacity is up to 1200lbs pounds, currently this is the highest in the nation, this will allow a guest of weight 240 pounds, our competitors only offer 850 max pounds which is less than 140lbs person (we are the only provider that offers this for any size event) Majority of our business is corporate clients who demand safety and state of the art features, all our Alexa 360 booths offer safety stop, only 9 x 9 floor area (Great for clubs, venues, retail stores, hotels, expo show floors) One major factor on pricing is your location, the date of your event, the start and end time and your exact needs. Also if we are doing another event in your area we might be able to do better on pricing. This makes giving exact pricing nearly impossible, we focus on giving very accurate pricing. This is why it's important for you to fill out the form above so we can give you an accurate quote.
  • How much room do I need for a 360?
    The minimum spinning area is 9' x 9' but you would want to create a safety perimeter of 12 x 12'
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