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Allow Guests to Only Find Their Face
From Your Event Photo Gallery. 

Advance A.I. Face Finder Technology for
Any Event Photography or Headshot Group Shoot 

Use our advance facial recognition service for separating a face and showing only photos they appeared in, the perfect service for face finding people at any public/private event or staff headshot location shoot without having to share and show everyone else's photos. We can work with any photographer directly or if you hire a solo or a team of photographers for events or headshot shoot. All photos taken can be uploaded via dropbox folder you already have and share with us, we will then add it to our online watch folder, every photo that is dropped in the watch folder can be added to our cloud based face finder gallery. Privacy is key and that's why guests can only find photos they appear in, if they take more than one photo it will automatically be placed in custom personal gallery for them.  In addition to providing photos to be uploaded by you or a hired photographer we also offer this technology with our Easy Self Served Photo Booth great for step and repeat or red carpets.

After a Photo Is Taken the sharing process to your guests is super simple we can create a QR code or you a share direct link (Never changes) to your face finder photo gallery. If you use the QR code guests will be able to Ian their smart phone at it and an easy pop-up link will pop up to start the search of just their photos, our A.I Face Finder Cloud Based Software will then search the entire event gallery for any photo they appear in. We will provide you a cloud based watch folder where you will be able to drag and drop the photos. You must have an Internet connection and we allow a max of 2 MB per each photo, we recommend one 500kb-1mb max for each photo which is more than enough for a great resolution. Keeping it under one megabyte makes it easy for guest to quickly download a great quality photo. We understand you will be taking the photos during the event and might not be able to upload live, you can upload to the watch folder after the event ends with-in 24 hours. Just keep in mind the quicker you upload to the watch folder the faster guests will be able to search and find their photos. 



Speed & Reliability  (A Must Read)

The Photographer doesn't need a special SD Wi-Fi card, internet and a touch device during the shoot for guests to receive their photos. if your a seasoned professional you will know wireless technology never works reliably, especially at large gatherings or commercial structures (hotels, venues, expos and conventions) Exactly why we never require the photographer with attempting to transfer from camera then reload on the touch device while 6 guests are waiting to enter their contact info and not to mention all your past photos bottlenecking your current Internet uploads. Relying on multiple photo transfer via WiFi then uploading by 5G unfortunately is just not reliable enough for any paying client and a recipe for disaster. Our approach is fool proof, after the event simply drag and drop photos to a watch folder giving you full control of which photos are shared. Some users even swap cards for uploading during the event for more periodic updates.


Attendee Privacy First

We understand that most events are privacy sensitive and shouldn't require guests giving their contact info to a random photographer or touch device. Many people simply avoid participating because on the amount of junk and spam that may follow. Our system allows the photographer to fully focus on taking photos and not stopping and requesting their personal information to be entered on a touch device​. 

Guests can find all their photo by QR code sign or the photographer can have an easy QR card lanyard if need be. Simply aim your smart phone at the QR code and a link pops up, Then they take a selfie with their own phone or upload via their home computer and A.I technology will search the album, absolutely no data needed from them. Some easy methods for guests to know how to receive their photo is have a QR picture frame on a table, wall, at the entrance or exit, you can even show a QR code image on the event projector in Loop with your normal display or sponsor highlight reel. And another method if you're hosting an event is chances are you already have everyone's email because you invited them, consider emailing all the guests a thank you email the day after with the Face Finder Link and they will only be able to find any photo they're in. We are very unique because we offer this additional way guests can still receive after the event. 

Data Capture Optional (Video Below)

We also understand some corporate clients want data capture and we can absolutely accommodate that as well. If needed we can create a simple email field or a more comprehensive survey. This will be combined with advanced data analytics reporting. To include how they shared on major social media sites, or algorithms will also estimate total impressions. Includes easy to read graphs and stats on a client portal login page. 

Face Finder™ 

Face Finder Pricing 

* If you are an Event Planner or Free Lance Photographer working with a current client we now offer a current special (Ends Soon). $500 for a 1-4 Hour Event Watch Folder (1- 500 photo uploads) and $999 for Full Day Event (1- 999 photo uploads) and for On-Location Headshot Shoots $20 Per a person (Paid Before Shoot Day)


You can also purchase more photo upload credits for larger event based on your needs. If this is in your budget please click on the 'lets chat' button to start the process. 

If needed you can send us photos and we can add for a test of our Technology. 

We also recommend your try our service by clicking the "Test it Out"  button below.

Find My Photo | Face Match Me | Spot Photo

*Pricing subject to change at anytime.

Must request and pay for a current invoice to guarantee price.

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